You have plenty of options when it comes to building materials for a home. Traditionally, stone and brick have been used; however, wood has always been useful in the construction industry. Have you considered a house made of timber? Let’s look at some of the main advantages of choosing timber frame house kits.
1. They are less stressful

According to research reported in the industry magazine Estate Agent Today, moving home is one of life’s most stressful events. If you are building your own home, it can make things even more complex. With timber houses, you avoid scary unexpected costs; as you will receive a detailed tender at the start of the process, you can plan your budget.

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  1. Improved energy efficiency

    Modern timber frame house kits are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Wood is a natural product and an excellent heat insulator. The kits often contain double- if not triple-glazed windows; what’s more, many people choose underfloor heating, which is very efficient. You will see this increased energy efficiency reflected in your utility bills. As the price of fossil fuels fluctuates, this can make a significant difference to your household budget.

    3. Environmentally friendly

    We are all becoming more aware of our responsibility to look after the planet. Wood is both natural and completely sustainable as a building material. As trees are growing, they remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This helps to combat global warming. Most companies source their wood from sustainable forests. The production process also produces very little pollution compared to other building methods, and other building materials generally produce more waste problems than timber.

    4. Health benefits

    The effect that the environment inside your home can have on your health is significant; for example, the indoor climate can affect respiratory diseases. If the environment inside a house is too humid, fungi and dust mites can proliferate. This can cause a range of allergic diseases, including asthma. Wood helps to control humidity and prevent the drastic temperature changes that can cause problems.

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