Today I want to give you some tips that will allow you to play with the perception to get a warm house not only physically but also sensory way. Is it true that you can heat a home not only heated, but also creating a sense of warmth through sight, touch or smell? Yes, it is true and we will see how.

Heat home with the 5 senses1) Obvious

It is easy to find our most effective allies: the colors. For everyone knows that colors decorate the house with warm (ochres, earth tones, dark yellow, orange, maroon …) is the main thing for this purpose, although you dare you can visually textures. The patterns provide a more immersive feeling, against solid colors that convey simplicity and freshness.

2) Smell of home

If the light is important in the first paragraph, the visual, we can also get double advantage of choosing decorative accessories such as candles or candelabras. Choose candles that have some flavor and atmosphere will become the most intimate and welcoming. If you dare fragranced with more presence, you can include some incense burner. On the other hand, the use of natural flowers winter also brings a very pleasant smell to the house.

3) Ear, kitchen

And bathroom and bedroom, and hallway … Place double curtain or hanging bulletin boards cork on a wall are not just two ideas to conserve heat, but leave the street noises outside your home, which will cause a sensation insulation that can reinforce with a musical thread. A system of continuous playback of instrumental music at low volumes provide a sense of comfort very relaxing and enjoyable. If you can get a phonograph classic, your environment will be multiplied to infinity.

4) Tactfully

Another of the strengths of the winter decoration is the use of textures in textile. Soft blankets, pillowcases hair, wool linings and Queen of any room, the carpet. Dress is very important, especially the rooms where we do more hours of life, such as living room, with nice textures to touch that we perceive from the hands to the feet.

5) Taste is your

And to put the icing on our tour of the warmth of home through the 5 senses, I propose to close the circle conquering the palate. How about a candy dish on the hall table to welcome or farewell to your guests with a sweet and warm touch? Surely the visit, or yes, let them disappointed.