Summer can sometimes be difficult to manage – unless you are outside at the park, or down at the beach, the hot air and stifling temperatures can make life very difficult – from working, to sleeping to doing basic housework jobs, something that many people have come to rely on to get them through the summer is the air conditioning system.

The first ever air conditioning system was invented by Willis Carrier – an American inventor, in 1902 he came up with the first ever electric powered air conditioning system. It was actually created to solve the problems that a print company was having with the humidity of the air, and the effect it was having on the paper sizing.

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Nowadays, it is something that for many people has become an essential to have in the home and in the office, to keep them cool and comfortable during the high summer temperatures. The basic premise of this first ever air conditioning system has remained the same, although models and designs will vary.

Air that is warm from inside the home travels through a copper pipe like this to the outside of the building. Air that is sucked back into the unit is then moved into the compressor and cooled using a chemical known as a refrigerant, before then being pumped back into the room and reducing the room temperature.

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The two systems work together at the same time to keep the flow of air going and therefore the room can be kept at the desired cooler temperature for as long as it is needed.