Your first house purchase seems perfect at first, until life happens. You realize a home office would come in handy and off-road parking would be nice. And then it hits you: nobody in your circle knows a thing about construction.

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Adding value to a house is more than just building an extension. You need to use the right materials, designs and finishes to make it count.

Here are some home improvement ideas you could do with oak timber.

Build an Oak Framed Garage

A garage is one of the few things that instantly adds value and improves the aesthetics of your home. And there’s no better way to pull it off than having an oak framed garage. This hardwood structure is beautiful and durable and requires minimal maintenance while also being multifunctional. Having one of these carports is highly desirable and also presents an option to build an extra room above it. However, you need to engage experts to provide Timberpride oak framed garages for best results.

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Breathe Life into Your Garden with an Oak Summerhouse or Gazebo

Having a well-tended lawn in your back garden is great, but owning a summerhouse is even better. The additional room will give the family access to the garden in any season. Further from that, oak summerhouses will bump up the value of your home considerably. So you don’t have to worry about recovering the cost of the build. The idea is to make it light and airy, and you can use solar lighting to do this. Now throw in a fire pit and a bunch of comfortable seats and all your weekends will be epic.

Oak Framed Swimming Pool

Few things will add more value to your home than a private swimming pool will. Now imagine having a bespoke oak frame design and you’ll be the talk of the town for a long time. If you’ve ever considered adding a pool to your property and have never had enough courage to pull the trigger, this is it. A pool will not only bring a touch of luxury to your home, but it will also bump up your social status.

The Bottom Line

Adding any structure to your home will increase its value. But using oak framing will give you peace of mind and add more value than any other timber option in the market.