Today we have a new example of a kitchen traditional transformed to become a streamlined, open and connected to the rest of the home stay. Among the most interesting details of the project is the access that is solved through a wide sliding door with glazed panels that, in addition to communicating the kitchen with the dining room allows to gain useful space and luminosity.

How to optimize the use of space in a connected kitchenFor the furniture you opt for the simplicity and purity of line of MINOS Santos design, combining two different areas of matte silk finishes cooking neutral colors coordinated throughout the stay. The result is warm and natural, a cozy atmosphere and with a marked own style.

Clysa, the company behind the project, conducted a reorganization oriented space extract the most from the 14 square meters of the plant, making a kitchen with large capacity and very functional, which is very convenient to work or enjoy the company.

The cooking area is situated in the central part of the stay, located on a peninsula with long countertop that complemented with stools on their side and outer faces, can function as preparation area or breakfast bar and fast food.

Another detail that I really liked is the bell recessed ceiling that prevents visual obstacles, contributing to a lighter, airy and pleasant atmosphere.

In addition, to get a spot lighting in line with the wishes of the owners, you opt for solutions such as lamps installed on the peninsula, a design Pleat Box Marset 24 that harmonizes with the color palette of the kitchen.

Undoubtedly, the peninsula is the core of this kitchen, a fantastic solution for kitchens that are not too large. After all it does the same function as the island and aesthetic level is just as pretty, but needs much less space on the surface.