Good luck can arrive at your home every month, through a simple ritual of good intentions. Learn to do in this note

Ritual of Good Luck to Your Home

We have learned to do rituals to attract good Luckily, in search of wellness in our lives, and now is a good time to learn some simple steps to bring good luck and fortune to your home, benefiting all its inhabitants.

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As it is a predisposition, to bring good luck must have faith, hope, and trust that we deserve good things come into our lives, though not seek directly. Similarly, the mentality that “we have bad luck” we will only bring bad fortune. Therefore, you can perform this ritual with confidence that, with your new provision will come good and conducive to your home.

How do the ritual of good luck

To perform the ritual to attract good fortune into your home you need seven bowls, preferably earthenware. They can be pans, pots or other. Also get honey (natural, preferably) and a handful of fresh mint.

Start by mixing approximately half kilo of honey (or the amount you get) and fresh mint in a bowl, to distribute in each of the seven bowls of clay. As you do, you have to concentrate on that good fortune is in the air, and you should invite her to visit your home.

Then distributes these seven bowls in the seven points that you feel are most appropriate for your home.

There are those who, besides having a good disposition and positive mindset, prefer to accompany this activity reciting a prayer. Among the mostly chosen prayers, the following is the principal.

Prayer for a good luck ritual

You can perform this ritual of good fortune on the first day of each month, if you prefer so, and repeat the following prayer:

“Almighty God, I pray that as I put honey in this vessel, at home, to sweeten my life and all those I love, to sweeten our lives away all negativity, envy, malice, bad jobs and of all kinds. That this honey and the mint, attract good luck to my home and its inhabitants. Thank you, because I know you heard me.”

Remember that the most propitious time to perform rituals is the first day of the waxing moon of each month, and day of the week will be appropriate and helpful to the day of your birth.

He begins ritual of good luck with a well relaxed sigh, put your best disposition, and open your heart and your home to receive only good things with this simple activity.