The room is our place of rest, so it is essential that its parent, the bed has the perfect look. Let’s look at some ideas for dressing the bed because the possibilities are endless to decorate it, because we found a large number of accessories ideal for this. We only take into account the style we want to achieve as well as the colors that we can combine.

Ideas to dress the bedChoosing clothes to dress the bed

First we have to choose the sheets. It is recommended that are soft, linen or cotton, and light colors that incites rest, like blue, white or pink. Better not have any pattern, although it would be a good idea to combine pieces of different colors.

As for the bedspread, comforter or duvet cover, it is advisable that are solid colors. The prints tend to tire faster, and are much more difficult to combine. In this way, we can add accessories like pillows or blankets without fear recharge the bed. In addition, any color will highlight more on a smooth element; pastel shades are the most recommended.

Pillows and cushions are a must to dress the bed. A very striking option is to use two small pillows, although in this case we should do without cushions. However, if we opted for a single pillow, we can put some cushions, playing with colors, shapes and sizes.

Furthermore, they can be replaced easily and cheaply, allowing us to change the look of the room in just a few minutes. We can combine, for example, two square cushions with two other rectangular, rounds or any.

We can provide warmth by placing a folded at the foot of the bed blanket, whenever a smooth texture (wool, cotton, velvet, crochet …) and color combine with other accessories. We can also use two small blankets of different shades, creating different shapes and making the most of our creativity.

What do you think these ideas to wear bed? If you have any tricks to make your bed look perfect we know