With the drop in temperatures it is common to appear humidity at home. Sometimes this moisture leads to bad odors and mold, something harmful to health. It is for this reason that we must fight moisture in the house, and for that, we present some simple tricks to perform.

Open war against moisture Tricks to combatTips to combat moisture

Ventilation: Letting air out the house is essential to prevent moisture in the house and also to fight it. In the rooms where there are no windows or have more closed areas try using a fan.

Tender Clothing: When wet clothes tend center we house the ambient humidity is full. Therefore, it is better than put out or at least in an area where air can flow.

Use the Bell: While you’re cooking uses the hood to absorb all the steam. This method serves to combat moisture, not to reduce it.

Humidification: It is very useful for areas where moisture accumulates with some ease.

Plants: Some types of houseplants, which are ideal for reducing humidity of the environment, and improve air quality we breathe. Two in one!

Cal: It is a very useful idea but we must be very careful when handling this product. The best method of use of lime moisture is poured into a jar with holes in the bottom and place it in the wettest of our house rooms.

Furniture: Usually we put our very close to the wall furniture making in those parts of it not properly circulate air and moisture to form. To avoid this it is advisable to put the furniture with some space between them and the wall.

Vinegar: Clean with white vinegar help us eliminate the musty smell of any room, furniture or clothing item.

Dryers: You have to be very careful with the hose that discharges the air of our dryers. These should always be free of obstructions and if the dryer air expels evil we find a really unpleasant humidity.

What do you think these tricks to combat the moisture at home?