Concrete is an excellent material to provide a base for a structure or the inside of a room. However the concrete itself still needs a solid base first. There are several steps that need to be conducted before this can happen. Concrete needs the solidity otherwise it will start to crack and even worse crumble. This where a Ready Mix Concrete Derby based firm can come in and sort things out for you. Here is what needs to happen first.

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The base for concrete is vital as we mentioned above. What is first needed is a gravel and stone base. Bags are widely available that will allow you to pour the base down and lay a thick layer over the soil. Soil, even if it is compacted, will not hold the structure and it can erode.

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After the layer of base is laid it is then a good idea to roll it and flatten it so that you achieve the flattest and most level surface possible. If the surface is not particularly level the concrete will be uneven and the will have dips in the surface where water can accumulate.

A dry base is not the best surface to lay the concrete on. You should water it in so that it swells and gains some density. You have to be careful as overwatering and saturating the base can also be counterproductive.

Once the base is down and satisfactory you should measure out the area to be filled and the planks placed in the shape that you want. You can then pour in the concrete and allow it to set smoothing it as you go.