Your living room is a place to relax and unwind, so you want it to be a comfortable and pleasant space. If you are planning a living room overhaul, here are some of the important things to consider…

Colour – There are lots of colours and styles to choose from when you want to create a beautiful living room. Getting your colour palette right from the start can then help you to choose all the other things that you need for the room.

Colour charts and fabric swatches are things that you can get together to help you decide on a colour scheme for the room. You can also paint tester colours onto the wall, as some colours can look different in different rooms and at times of the day. For example, in a north facing room, you might find that a colour can tend to look cooler as there is less sunlight in the room.

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Lighting – This makes a big difference, so think of the ways that you can use lighting to enhance the room and to get the look that you want. Choose light fittings that suit the style of the room, and you can also use lamps to create a cosy feeling in the evening, or to add light to a darker space and make the room feel larger than it is.

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Furniture – Living room furniture is important and there are many uses for it. From making sure that you have adequate storage, to providing comfort, to adding to the décor of the room. The seating is probably the first thing that you will want to think of and having a good quality sofa can really enhance the room. Choose a sofa with a style that matches your room, so if you like a classic look, go to somewhere like Vintage sofa warehouse for a vintage style sofa.

You also need to think about what is practical – for example, leather is easy to wipe clean if you want something that is hard wearing, and some sofas come with a protective coating to help guard against stains, which is worth having if you want to keep your sofa looking good!

Entertainment – In a living room entertainment is part of relaxing, and a television is usually a prominent feature! Make sure that you place the television somewhere that it can easily be seen. Wall mounting a television is a good way to save some space in the room too.