Tiling is a common sight in many a kitchen and bathroom. Tiles are inexpensive and highly effective which helps explain their popularity. A beautifully tiled wall or floor can add substantial value to a home. Here are some of the benefits to consider if you are thinking about tiling an area of your home:

Economical – Tiling remains one of the best options in terms of cost per square meter to make changes to your home. When you factor in the low maintenance, long life and cheap cost of tiles, this explains the popularity of tiling.

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Low maintenance – For both flooring and walls, one of the biggest benefits of installing tiles is that they are such low maintenance. Ceramic tiling is water resistant and requires little maintenance once installed. Tiles are easily cleaned, with a quick wipe over or sponge down. The sealant may need updating occasionally, but aside from that, there’s little to worry about. For a range of Marble Tiles, visit a site like Irwin Tiles, suppliers of Marble Tiles.

Durability – There’s a reason why the Romans used tiles so much and why they can still be found today from this era. Tiles are really durable! Once installed, tiles can last for many years with just the sealant and grout needing any maintenance. This makes tiles a very sensible investment for any home.

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Huge variety – Whatever your style or existing décor, the range of tiles available is so broad that you’ll be sure to find exactly the right thing. You could choose feature tiles with graphics and patterns or plain and classic.