In the aftermath of the pandemic, more people than ever are looking to improve their homes or move completely. Covid has massively affected the housing market and changed the ways in which we want to live.

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With a report by University Hospitals suggesting that moving house is in the top five most stressful life events you will experience, you will want to make the process run as smoothly as possible. This is where a reputable removal company can come in handy, so here are six things to consider when looking for the right removal company for you.

Reviews and recommendations

Whether you are looking for a home buyers survey Milton Keynes or a removal company in London, the best starting point is to look up reviews or take recommendations from trusted friends, family or colleagues. Their experience might not be the same as yours but this is a good place to start. Many businesses have a Facebook page where feedback can be left and you will notice that reputable firms don’t ignore or delete negative feedback; instead, they try to work with their clients to reach a solution.


One of the best indications of a reputable and legitimate firm is a licence that associates them with the British Association of Removers. This trade organisation regulates its firms in line with Trading Standards policies and helps to resolve issues between firms and clients.


Insurance, like licensing, is a sign of a well-established and responsible firm that wants to protect its customers. In the event of damage to your belongings, the company will be financially equipped to replace them.

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Be aware of the dangers of not agreeing a fixed quotation prior to removals. Be clear about the time taken to pack and the travel time. Establish your needs and expectations and ask the company to provide a written quotation before booking them.

Payments options

Whether a company provides a home buyers survey Milton Keynes or removals in Birmingham, established firms tend to offer a number of payment options, including BACs, cheque and card payments. Be wary of those that want to deal in cash only, as there will be no way to trace or prove what you have paid.

Gut feeling

It might not be the most logical way to determine a reputable company but removal companies are dealing with your possessions and it is important that you feel comfortable and confident that they are trustworthy. There have been stories of burglaries being carried out under the guise of removals, so be aware and don’t ignore your instincts if something feels off.