What are the emerging trends that we’re seeing this year in terms of interior design? If you want to brighten up your home, there are sure to be some fresh ideas here to grab your attention.

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Large plants

When we say large, we mean really large plants, such as palm trees, rubber trees and dragon trees. Naturally, you will need to check what kind of environment each plant needs in order to thrive. Pick a sunny or shady spot as appropriate and check carefully the watering and feeding requirements.

Painted and decorated ceilings

Why not make a feature of this forgotten part of a room? In the bedroom, you could make a child’s space magical by painting a starry night scene. Darker colours can work on the ceiling. Alternatively, how about investigating stick-on wall art and turning your ceiling into a work of art?

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Multi-functional rooms

There may be no need to dedicate a room as a guest room if you don’t invite guests often. Invest in a sofa bed or use your spare room as a study/bedroom. For more ideas on designing a bedroom in a more functional way, look at: https://www.idealhome.co.uk/bedroom/bedroom-advice/guest-bed-ideas-215903.

However, it’s not just a modest home that can make the best of multi-functional spaces. Knocking through a wall or taking away the kitchen door can provide you with a bigger breakfast room. Consider, too, options such as benches with storage space inside.

If you need more major work and renovations on the exterior of your house, you may want to improve insulation and eliminate damp problems by investing in brick cladding. Look at the options here: https://www.telling.co.uk/architecture/brick-cladding/.

Out with the magnolia paint and neutral furnishings!

Okay, you may want to paint some of your walls in neutral shades, but consider some deeper colours when you are choosing sofas, paintings, wall-hangings and curtains. A good tip is to stick to wood and plain floors and walls, and use the bold colours in moveable items and those that you may change more often, such as cushions and even vases and decorative china.

Feature details

If you have fallen in love with a William Morris wallpaper, but you’re not sure about the impact it will have on your room, just paper the chimney breast. Or mix up patterned and plain tiles in the kitchen.