A touch of distinction and modernity is what you get by adding columns to your bathroom. However, beyond its aesthetic advantages, it also offers functionality. We give some tips to consider.

The shower columns allow us to recreate our own spa session in the bathroom, since many of these models incorporate tub.

Beyond style faucets and hue that can most fit our needs, we must pay attention to the shape of the plate because, assuming that they are semi – circular, it is advisable to install the column in important is whether it will have over a tub, because in these cases you must buy a lower tap built, or in a shower.

Tips for buying bath columnsUsually, the hydromassage is presented as a device that combines different types of uses of water. Normally the mixer tap is a model selector capable of regulating the flow of water into the tub, the auxiliary artichoke or to the jet. Furthermore, a series of pipes and sleeves collect and share the water outlet towards different sites. Water enters the column by two reinforced hoses that attach to regular intakes tap water shower or bathtub.

Keys to choose your columns bathing

If you are interested in buying columns bathroom, are some tips to consider before you head to the pool:

For example, if your bathroom already has shower, it is advisable to purchase the specific column model for this dish, usually characterized by being higher than the rest of which we can be found in the market.

‘In terms of the materials they are made, you should know that the most outdated columns are made of white methacrylate. To bet on a more modern feel, it is best to opt for the columns textured slate or stainless steel in black color.

-The Instead of shower with bathtub, they can opt for hydromassage columns above, a reduced power in order to fit perfectly to the dimensions of the bathtub size in question.

Neither we forget the very diverse functionality that columns of bath can provide us as is the case of projecting a cascade effect, nebulizer, spray superior, tropical rain or LED lights of different colors (color therapy) are some of the effects we can achieve with a rounded or square spray.

Besides the columns shower mixer above, we will have thermostatic models that regulate water temperature, offering a considerable degree of comfort.

-The Shower columns incorporate a number of systems that make our much healthier and efficient life. The latter is the case of mixing water with air through a more efficient redistribution of the liquid element. Also we have self – cleaning systems, responsible for ending the accumulated lime, which ends up clogging the holes where water comes out. There are other more advanced models with devices that can play music or have to leave our useful shelves bathroom.

Do you guys also have installed shower columns in your bathroom?