A conservatory is something which will always be a popular choice for people looking to add space to the home. Without the need for planning permission, like a more traditional extension, the conservatory is a swift way of adding that bit extra.


It is also a room which can perform many different roles and grow with you and your family – a separate living room, a dining room or a playroom are among the many uses for a conservatory. Modern conservatories have come on in leaps and bounds – they are no longer the cold and draughty places in the winter that their predecessors were, as there are many ways to regulate the temperature, such as this electric underfloor heating Gloucestershire based company Parsons Flooring provide.

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There are also many types of conservatories, as what is right for one isn’t necessarily right for another – here are the types that are most popular…


Gable Conservatories – These are different to other conservatories as they have a gabled roof, which doesn’t slope in.

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Victorian Conservatory – These are one of the most popular as they are attractive and fit with many home styles. They have a pitched roof, and their ridge is decorative.


Lean to Conservatory – These are one of the most affordable conservatories with their simple design and sloping roof – they are the best for smaller spaces.


Orangery – Becoming more popular in recent years, an orangery will have more brickwork and less glass, giving them more of an extension appearance than that of a conservatory.