Automatic gates have always been rather popular in the United States but, here in Britain, they were traditionally the preserve of the ultra rich, famous or powerful. This has changed during recent years, however, and they are becoming increasingly popular for businesses and domestic premises across the country. An astonishing thirty per cent year on year increase in installations was recorded between 2001 and 2014. Proton Access Control, one of the United Kingdom’s foremost providers, has identified the following advantages for those considering automatic gates in Gloucestershire.

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Enhanced security

Professionally-fitted electric gates permit you to control entry to your property and can therefore add an important dimension to your security. Research shows that homes which are fitted with automatic gates are significantly less likely to be targeted for burglary and such burglaries as are attempted are less successful. Protecting your family and property is a central concern of most householders and the installation of these gates adds to your armoury. Certainly, the Association of British Insurers confirms that a discount is usually available on insurance premiums for those homes which are fitted with electric gates.

Increased safety

A constant concern for parents is that their young children may exit the grounds of their home and be exposed to such dangers as busy traffic. This worry equally applies to those who own pets. It can encourage parents to prevent their kids and pets from playing outside. Automatic gates can alleviate much of this risk, since, as well as limiting who enters, you also control who leaves the property.

Greater convenience

Especially during a typically miserable British winter, it can be uncomfortable and inconvenient to have to leave your car and manually open gates when returning home from work or an outing. Electric gates automate this process and make day-to-day life run a little more smoothly.

Smarter property

Beautifully crafted gates which are chosen with a sympathetic eye towards the character of your house and its neighbourhood will not only enhance the overall appearance of your property but may also increase its value: potential buyers factor security considerations and aesthetics into their assessment of any house. Visiting highlights the sheer quality and variety of gates that are currently available for installation.

Competitively-priced and highly functional, automatic gates are clearly an attractive option for properties in 2015.