Surface water occurs when the drainage system cannot deal with the amount of rainfall, and as a result, the streets fill with water.
Surface Water

Whilst surface water may seem like a trivial, everyday consequence of rain, it is in fact, a huge threat to property, the economy and even life. It affects every aspect of our daily living, including homes, transport, infrastructure and utilities.

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Because we are a small island with a multitude of rivers, coastlines, sewers and groundwater, there is a risk to over 3 million properties from surface water problems and a further 2.7 million properties at risk from our rivers and sea. Threats from surface water are more common in deprived areas that have a larger surface area of concrete or paved spaces and a higher density of housing, posing a real threat to those who can least afford it.

The biggest threat in peacetime Great Britain came as a result of the 2007 floods, where 13 lives were lost, 44,600 homes were flooded and £3 billion in damage occurred. It is estimated that by 2055, surface water risks could be even higher for homes and businesses, with the threat of climate change and growing development further contributing to the problem.


Ensuring that the drainage within our own property boundaries is in full working order should be a top priority for households in the UK. This will minimise risks to families and prevent extensive and costly damage as a result of surface water.

Specialist companies with fully trained and insured operatives can carry out high-tech surveys of drains with the latest CCTV technology to identify any blockages, damage, or issues before they become problematic. Prevention is better than cure and identification could save money in the long term. For CCTV drainage surveys Kingsbury and the surrounding areas, visit a specialist such as

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Few people are aware of the true devastation that surface water can cause. However, with awareness and a willingness to undertake active prevention, risk is mitigated for homes and communities across the country.