Restoration of historic buildings is seen as crucial by many people but in this era of tough economic conditions, some might argue that our money would be better spent elsewhere. Why should we go to the trouble of maintaining and investing in dilapidated buildings from the past? Historic generally means something old and worthy of preserving and restoring can offer a substantial investment in a community’s future as well. Here we examine some of the reasons why restoring historic buildings is beneficial:

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Architecture – ‘They don’t make them like they used to do ‘, is a phrase we hear all the time, and it can apply to architecture as well as anything else. Older buildings can be full of fascinating surprises and designs and methods that are no longer practiced. Period properties have a character and personality that is unique, everyone with its own unique charm and probably not duplicated in any other place. To throw this way would be to lose this unique architecture forever. Once cleaned to show off their former glory, amazing architecture can be revealed.

Culture – Old buildings and monuments provide depth and substance to the culture of an area. They are the backbone of local culture and a reminder of the past of that area. Just the sight of that building or monument invokes a sense of heritage and culture unique to that place. History remains a part of the daily life of that community and makes up an important part of the national culture which is boosted by the permanence of historic buildings.

Business – History is great for tourism and when impressive properties have been restored, people come to visit and spend money in the local economy. The buildings can be opened to the public or repurposed into museums, tourist attractions, libraries or any other suitable use to benefit the community. The process of restoring properties also provides employment for local contractors, builders and specific experts or professionals depending on the type of project. Therefore, a restoration project offers both short and long-term investment in an area.

New businesses find repurposed older buildings attractive when looking for premises, as they offer something different, a talking point, a touch of class and authenticity. It’s a win-win for everyone as an old building gets a new lease of life and a business can enjoy growth and success in a unique environment.

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Value – Historic buildings are often the only link we have to the past and as such hold huge educational value. It’s not simply architectural importance either, as things like décor, standards of living and interior design all play a part in painting a picture of our ancestors. Buildings were usually constructed with excellent quality resources, built to last and highly durable so correctly restoring an old property could offer a better investment for future sustainability than a modern new build. Talking of new builds, if you are looking to move house currently and need legal advice with this then why not speak to Ascot solicitors companies such as Parachute Law.

Sustainability – In terms of recycling, re-using, and re-purposing – nothing is better for sustainability than restoring an existing building as opposed to building a brand new one. Many cases of demolition in the past could have been a waste of resources unless a building is deemed unsafe.