Who does not think in a rocking chair or garden furniture and automatically associated with wicker? This natural material has always been present in the homes of our country, because it has a high capacity to adapt. By this we mean that can be used to manufacture all kinds of furniture and objects from a trunk to store towels, towels, pots and even chairs, tables or wicker baskets.

Wicker, a traditional material for decorating your homeDecorate your home with wicker

The wicker is obtained through a bush of the same name and keeps strong resemblance to the willow. It has lots of long, thin branches that are very flexible and from which the plant fiber that results in wicker furniture which are manufactured is achieved.

One of the most attractive features of wicker is that it is extremely light yet, however, is a very robust product which offers considerable resistance. In addition, products are often cheap and always give the home a cozy touch.

The wicker for decorative use is another possibility worth to note in certain styles. For example, if we make an environment determined an ethnic space would be in the wicker countless interesting options.

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Wicker Care

Where you can never miss wicker is in a garden or on a terrace, and it is that it is the ideal choice for outdoor spaces! However, like any good object must be looked after time and use. In the case of wicker maintenance it is very simple because simply apply varnish to improve their resistance and prevent the edges may become frayed over time.

Another good idea is to cover items with fabrics. This serves a dual function, on the one hand and on the other protects the object provides a more personal nature, as well as allowing the power to renew them when we get tired of the color or pattern of the fabric. For example, say we have wicker chairs on the terrace, because we put some pads above and when we get bored tone fabric change it.