That different online marketing activities that can develop stand is not easy.We spend a lot of time and money to generate content, update social profiles, design proposals and monitor results. Instead, in many cases, the ROI leaves much to be desired.

It is true that in the Social Media benefits are slow in coming, but if we have a direction and we have a clear idea of the trends and preferences of our audience or target audience, our efforts could be more profitable. Optimind Technology collects some interesting facts and figures is worth to consider when optimizing an online marketing strategy.

color city conceptThe e-mailing is still a safe bet

On average, a profit of $ 44.25 is estimated for every dollar invested.Customers receive a mail spend up to 83% more on their purchases. Custom mails recorded a CTR 14% higher, and a conversion rate 10% higher.

It is appropriate that you consider a marked change in the way users check their inbox. More than 37% of commercial e-mails are opened on mobile devices (Splio), a trend that has risen 80% in the last 6 months. This forces manufacturers to look optimizing your campaigns e-mail marketing, since their actions could go directly to the trash. This week could know thanks to studies Constant Contact and Chadwick that over 75% of users was willing to remove messages that do not display properly on your terminal.

Blogs are a very useful tool to achieve relevance for search engines

Companies that publish 15 times a month attracted up to 5 times more traffic, achieving 367% more indexed pages and 97% of links that those companies that do not have a blog. They are also 63% more influential on purchasing decisions than other media, such as magazines.

What items are those that obtain greater impact online?

List-based posts record up to 200% more than non-linens contain enumerations. If we also include images, this range exceeds 333% and in the case of adding videos is resounding success (567%).

The average word articles that occupy key positions in the Google results page is 2,000 words. Longer post are also more viral. Those with more than 1,500 words receive 68.1% more tweets and 22.6% more than Likes. Of course, influence images (94%), computer graphics (12%) and the blog has enough content.

The length of the title also influences; items whose title is between 10 and 18 words get more links than are shorter.

The video on the rise

Users are visual in nature. Faced with the same content, 20% of users would read text, compared with 80% who prefer to consume it in video format. The videos recorded up to 86% more conversions and recorded by far many more links (267%). The customer sees the video of a product is up to 144 times more willing to buy.

Also increase the time spent on the page, which can exceed 2 minutes, with the advantages of face to SEO that implies. They are also up to 50 times easier to position on the first page of Google results.

This audiovisual content must not be very extensive, 59% of users stop watching a video from 90 seconds. As if this were not enough, users retain up to 58% of the information they see, compared to 10% of reading.

Did you know these trends? What are you going to start from now?