Cycling is a lot of fun, but it comes with numerous responsibilities. In fact, many cyclists don’t know that some of the laws of transportation for motorcycles also apply for bicycles. In some countries, cyclists are required to perform test rides and submit written tests based on their ages. Like car drivers and motorcycle riders, cyclists are also given licenses in some countries. However, cyclists in other countries could be uninformed of the local traffic laws. Ignorance of safe cycling can be considered as an unsafe conduct. Accidents, injuries and even death may occur if we are unable to perform cycling properly.

safe cycling

In fact, cyclists could start sharing road safely with others if they know how to cycle properly. If licenses are not issued in specific countries, cyclists should be given proper instructions on how to obey all traffic laws. They may need to use different safety equipments, including wheel spoke, back and front reflectors. Laws may require that cyclists have proper lighting equipments that can ensure others to see them during limited visibility conditions. While negotiating a turn, cyclists also should use the directional turn signals based on electronic systems, instead of the usual hand signals. This is particularly true because car drivers are more accustomed to signal lights. In some cases, waving our arms haphazardly could be seen as something dangerous and confusing for car drivers. It is also important to make proper movements in advance. When cycling in group, cyclists should use the single file formation and adapt to the flow of traffic. They shouldn’t insist on cycling faster if the traffic is dense and slow. Cycling faster than cars and motorcycles in a heavy traffic could cause specific incidents.

It should also be noted that helmets could save a lot of lives each year. High quality helmets should be placed properly between the ears and tightly on the forehead. We should also fasten the chin straps beneath the chin. All riders should also wear highly visible safety clothing. When cycling near large vehicles, such as trucks and buses, we should be aware that we are not consistently in the drivers’ blind spot. Drivers of large vehicles have more blind spots, despite the use of side mirrors and rear-view mirrors. In general, proper cycling technique could help prevent accidents in many cases.

It should be noted that we need to pay attention to the reliability of the bicycle itself. When we are cycling in highways with light traffic, it is likely that we will ride our bike at faster speed. In this situation, we need to make sure that tires of the bike can withstand the pressure. We need to be certain that our bike can move well without punctured tire. Good tires won’t get flat too easily after repeated cycling on hard surfaces with sharper rock edges and gravels. We should also follow advices given by professional cyclists so we could be safe on the road. Cycling is a healthy activity and we should try to be perfectly safe.