One of the most stressful parts of Christmas is the Christmas shopping – the pressure to buy the perfect gift for someone can be overwhelming. It is easy enough if you know what people want, but if you are not sure what to buy for someone and they don’t give you a list then it can be really hard and quite time consuming!

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If you are in this position and are struggling with that person who is a nightmare to buy for here are a few tips for finding a great gift for them…


Write a list of all the things they enjoy doing and any hobbies or interests. This way you may be able to get some ideas for things that can be linked to their interests.


Have a look around the shops – this is a great way to spot things that you might not otherwise have though about like this brown Secrid wallet from EJ Menswear.


Do some Facebook stalking – social media is a goldmine of information so have a look and see what they have been up to, whether they have liked or commented on anything and whether there is any information about what they are hoping to get for Christmas!

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Think about their lifestyle – Is there anything that might help them or make their life a little bit easier? What do they do for work or how do they spend leisure time?