When you’ve got roofing problems, it can all seem like a big headache. However, to lighten things up, let’s look at some of the more fun ways people enjoy roofs. Here are some Guinness World Records involving crazy rooftop challenges:

Highest Roof to Roof Jump – This motorcycle stunt was achieved by stuntman Joe Reed in Los Angeles in 1998. He managed to complete a jump between two roofs, starting on top of a 14 storey building and jumping to another 65 feet away!

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Biggest Stadium Roof – The largest stadium in the roof can be found at the Munich Olympic Stadium in Germany. The roof is supported by steel netting held up by masts and measures a whopping 85,000 metres squared. It was constructed in 1972 and the record still stands, as well as the roof thankfully! Thankfully, your roofing issues won’t be this large! For help from Cheltenham Roofers, go to R Richards and Sons

Biggest Advert on a Roof – In March 1998, the Big Fresh Company placed an advert on the roof of the Woolworths Distribution Centre in New Zealand. The logo was 48 by 145m and the capital letters measured 30m tall and were visible by plane passengers taking off from Auckland Airport.

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Strongest Solar Roof – The most powerful single solar roof installation record is held by Apple in California. It generates an impressive 17 mw across the huge circular structure that measures 260,000 metres squared.