If you have come out of lockdown with hair that is lacking a style, or feels a little dated, now is the time to head back to the hairdressers and find your new look. Good hair is a great way to get yourself feeling better about yourself and life in general and finding a good hairdresser like these Hairdressers Bridgend https://www.ultimatebeautyandhair.co.uk can massively boost your confidence after a year that frankly most of us would rather forget!

So, if you want to look forward to the future with a new style or colour, or both, here are some ideas for bringing your hair up to date…

Long Fringes – Yes many of us have been forced to grow out a fringe over the last year, but longer fringes are having a moment! Say goodbye to the short and structured fringes and hello to longer and more natural looking fringe styles.

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Bright Slices – Slices of bright colour may be just what you need, without having to commit to a whole head! Add some fun to your look with some brightly coloured slices, or two bright coloured streaks of hair at the front.

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Layers around the face – The modern version of the iconic Rachel from Friends cut is here, and it is a flattering and fun style if you are looking for something modern and new to update your hair after months of long and shapeless locks!