Are you thinking about having a New Year clear out? The new year is a perfect time for a good decluttering exercise and to get your home in order for the year. Not sure where to begin? Follow these tips:

  1. Be prepared

Make sure you have the things you need to hand before getting stuck in. These might include bin bags, boxes, cleaning products, some gloves and the vacuum cleaner. Once you get started, you’ll be annoyed if you realise you don’t have the right tools to hand.

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  1. Have a plan

When you have pulled out the things that no longer need to be in your life, what will you do with them? Have some boxes to put to one side so that you can separate out what can go as rubbish, what might be gifted to charity and anything that can be listed on a second-hand sale site. Once you have a clear, decluttered home, it’s time to consider future storage solutions. How about Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes from

  1. Helping hand

Don’t try to accomplish everything by yourself. The task will feel much quicker and less hassle if you have help from a partner, friends or kids. If family members contributed to the clutter, then it’s only fair that they should lend a hand.

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  1. Stay focussed

It can be easy to get distracted when looking through old things. You might find an old photo album but put it to one side to look at another time, as distractions have been the undoing of many of those engaged in decluttering!