When it comes to colour, there is scientific evidence showing that certain shades can have a direct impact on our mood.

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An article in The Muse suggests that workplaces carefully consider the colour of their office interiors if they want to get the most from their employees.

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When it comes to clothing, experts suggest that even those with multi-coloured wardrobes still opt for certain colour preferences and that these choices can say a lot about your personality. Let’s discover what your favourite colour says about you and how you can style your favourite colour this summer.


Black is a colour synonymous with professionalism, seriousness and prestige. If you are someone who likes to wear a lot of black, you are probably intelligent, ambitious and like to give off an image of power and seriousness. Although black is not a typical colour for summer, some studies suggest that it can actually keep you cooler as it stops body heat reflecting back out into clothing; instead, it allows the body to absorb it, thus keeping cooler.


Blue is a naturally calming colour with connotations of the sea and sky. It can give people the impression of reliability and tranquillity, making it a good choice for an interview! In summer, Farah Shirts like the ones from https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah could be a perfect outfit to keep you cool and calm.


Red is the ultimate colour of power, passion and love. People who are wearing striking red outfits tend to be making a statement and may be excitable, confident and energetic. In the heat of summer, red can be a perfect colour for the sun. If you’re not committed to a full red ensemble, accessories such as shoes and handbags can have a similar but more subtle effect.


Grey has experienced increased popularity in recent years, but it is essentially a neutral colour with mysterious connotations. While a red blazer or blue maxi dress screams “Look at me!”, grey outfits tend to be for people who prefer to blend in.


Yellow is a naturally happy colour. Evoking images of sunshine, sandy beaches and pretty flowers, yellow clothing tends to be favoured by creative and cheerful souls. A yellow summer dress could be the perfect outfit for outdoor adventures this summer.