A good body posture not only helps you prevent frequent injuries and discomforts, but also increases your self-confidence, promotes physical appearance and helps you gain elegance. Therefore, today, we bring 10 exercises to improve posture, working the muscles that intervene in it, the best military style.

Using the US Army Field Manual, which dates back to 1946 as a guide, we present 10 simple exercises that you can perform at any time and wherever you are, to work on the muscles that will help you achieve good body posture.

10 exercises to improve posture, to the best military styleExercise 1

Turn the arms forward and upwards fully extended and at the same time, take off the heels of the ground, standing on tiptoe.

Lower the arms extended slowly by the sides of the body and simultaneously, resting the heels on the floor to culminate in a standing position, as at the beginning of the exercise.

Exercise 2

Stand, tilt your torso forward about 60 degrees, relax your shoulders and let your arms fall down.

Slowly, raise your arms by the sides of your body and back, while gently retracing your chin. Hold the position for a few seconds and lower your arms with a controlled movement, without over arching the lumbar spine.

Exercise 3

Stand with both hands on your shoulders on your same side, with your arms in front of your chest and your elbows down.

Bring the arms to the sides and back, keeping the elbows next to the trunk. At the same time, retract the head and try to stretch it up. Hold the position for a few seconds and return to the initial position.

Exercise 4

On your knees, with the palms of your hands behind your head, tilt the trunk forward.

With your torso still tilted, straighten your back and bring your elbows and head back before returning to the starting position.

Exercise 5

Sitting on the floor, knees bent and feet resting in front of the body, tilt the torso forward and extend both arms to the front.

Without mobilizing the trunk, bring the arms up and back, and then return to the starting position.

Exercise 6

In the ventral decubitus, that is, lying face down on the floor, bring your hands to the shoulders with your elbows on the sides of your body.

Turn your arms outwards and backwards, while bending your elbows, and at the same time, slightly raising your head and high back. Keep the position for a few seconds and return to the initial position .

Exercise 7

Standing, with the trunk inclined forward about 45 degrees, take off the elbows of the trunk and raise them so that they are perpendicular to the body and at the height of the shoulders. Flex the elbows and bring the hands forward of the body, with the palms facing down and the thumbs facing the shoulders.

From there, extend your elbows and bring your arms back slowly. Return to the starting position.

Exercise 8

Stand with the trunk slightly inclined forward and the elbows flexed and on the sides so that the fingers touch the shoulders, make small circles with the elbows, without mobilizing the hands of the shoulders.

Bring elbows up and back repeatedly in a controlled manner.

Exercise 9

Standing, with the torso slightly inclined forward, extend the arms to the sides of the body, so that they are located at the height of the shoulders, with the palms of the hands up.

Make small circles with your arms, starting by moving your hands slowly up and back. Repeat as many times as desired.

Exercise 10

Stand with your hands in a fist, extend your arms over your head and from there, lower your elbows on the sides of your body to bring your hands to your shoulders, slowly and repeat.

These exercises will work muscles involved in a correct body posture consisting of having the head aligned with the back, the abdomen flat, the shoulders slightly back but without tension, the chest high and relaxed, a slight lumbar curvature and the knees straight but not rigid.

To acquire a good posture, these are 10 exercises that you can perform, to train the postural muscles to the best military style.