You know of the Brazilian football legend, but how much do you know about his life and achievements? Get up to speed with another round of fast facts for football fans everywhere!

10 more top facts to know about Neymar

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Fact – In 2012, he scored a hat-trick for Brazil when the national team played China in a friendly.
Fact – He isn’t particularly tall – just 1.75 metres or 5′ 9″.
Fact – He is a huge marketing draw – in fact, he has been named by SportsPro as the most marketable athlete in the world.
Fact – He has also been ranked as the 6th best football player in the world by The Guardian

What makes him great

His football skills are legendary but he is particularly well known for his speed and acceleration, finishing, dribbling technique and ability to play with both feet. His style has even earned him comparisons to Pele, the Brazilian forward who is one of the biggest names in the sport’s history. Pele himself has described Neymar as an excellent player, and he has been predicted as a future No.1 by Ronaldinho no less!

His faith

He is a devout Christian and says that his faith keeps him grounded and humble. As an evangelical, he often talks about his faith in interviews.

10 more top facts to know about Neymar2

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Fact – Neymar’s own football idols include Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Xavi and Andrew Iniesta. Their shirts can all be purchased through football team kit suppliers such as
Fact – His good looks haven’t gone unnoticed! Neymar models, as well as plays, and he was used as the face of Brazil’s 2014 World Cup, appearing on the cover of publications with other Brazilian celebrities, including Gisele.

Branding and marketing

Fact – He is the brand spokesperson for L’Oreal, Police sunglasses, Castrol and others, modelling whilst promoting these brands. In fact, L’Oreal has even produced his own cologne – Drakkar Noir by Neymar –
Fact – He is already a huge earner, and in 2012 Forbes named him the 7th richest footballer in the world.
Fact – Neymar also plays a key role in promoting Brazilian pop music, particularly Musica Sertaneja. He has appeared in various videos which have gone viral.
Fact – He is also known for making various surprise on-stage concerts with Brazilian musicians, much to the delight of screaming teenage fans!