Music soothes the soul – so they say. Here we list ten reasons why music is number one for relieving stress and other emotional strains.

10 ways music can be therapeutic

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1. It can help recall memories

Music therapy and association is a tool that often helps those who have suffered with memory loss to recall memories, help with communication and also to reduce anger.

2. Reducing the side effects of cancer therapy

Some very strongly believe that listening to music can reduce the anxiety that cancer patients often feel when undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

3. Alleviate your mood

It is not clear why, but it is commonly acknowledged that music can make you smile and lift your mood. Certainly, many people will listen to specifically chosen music to make them feel a certain way.

10 ways music can be therapeutic2

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4. Improve your visual and verbal skills

According to the Psyblog, playing a musical instrument increases visual and verbal skills, perception and cognition, as well as just improving your own musical abilities.

5. Combatting speech loss

There have been some recorded instances in which individuals who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, and thus lost the power of speech, have, through singing, been able to speak again.

6. It is an educational tool

There is a reason why nursery rhymes and the alphabet song, for example, are used by schools and nurseries. Music can help learning – it is easier to remember a simple song than a poem.

7. Music as a social event

Those who frequently sing together report that it brings a sense of society and social inclusion.

8. Music improves your attention span

It has been reported that because of the way in which music can hold your attention, it can also enhance your ability to concentrate. Some even say that listening to music whilst working can improve productivity.

9. Music improves your reactions

Listening to music can affect the way you feel about certain circumstances or other people, and impact the way you react to them or judge a situation. Some companies assist by producing music for business, such as who help businesses to tailor their music to their clients.

10. Music is a motivator

Music can be uplifting, and keep you going – think about the number of runners who listen to music en route!