The purpose of a website is to share a message or sell a product or service; therefore, it is crucial to engage your potential clients.

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Here are three suggestions for what your users will want to see on your website:

1. Clear to navigate

It must be easy to go from one page to another and for the user to know where the different information they want to access can be found. If they are looking for information about web design in Lincolnshire, for example, the links should be clear and straightforward for the user to move around the site.

In addition to having links at the top or to the left of a page, there is sometimes a sitemap link at the bottom. This illustrates a visual overview of what content is available on the website through the links to the different pages.

2. Engaging content

This is more specific than the first point above. The content for each page must be written in such a way that it keeps the user interested. The information should draw the reader in and keep them reading; in addition, it may provide links to other sites for more information. If you need help with this, consult an agency such as

3. Attention-grabbing design

This is the first thing a user will notice when visiting your page. Attention-grabbing design should be sharp without being too flashy. Some websites are over the top when it comes to design, including too many flashing graphics. Similarly, numerous affiliate links can make a website look unfocused. The perhaps clich├ęd acronym KISS (keep it simple stupid, or perhaps more charmingly keep it safely succinct) applies here.

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The UK Web Design Association published an article on how your website may be letting you down. One of the points covered is how the home page of a website acts as the shop window for the rest of the site; if users do not like what they see on the first page, they will not access the rest of the site.

If you can show your website to a sample of people you trust and ask for their opinion, you will be moving towards a site that will have a higher reading rate and more resulting business.