There are some style tips that can help to make an outfit look put-together no matter what time you have or what budget. From the right underwear to a pair of bright shoes, we have lots of tips to update your look in a moment. Read on for five more style rules than can make anyone look more stylish quickly and easily.

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Conversation Clothes

It can be worthwhile to own one piece of clothing that is a real conversation starter. This should be a main clothing item such as a coat, a statement handbag or great pair of boots. The item could be a vintage piece or something with the real wow factor.

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Fashion Emergencies

For that fashion emergency you should always have a simple solution. Some great examples are spare pairs or tights or pop socks in your bag, plasters for blister issues, and a mini sewing kit with scissors. You never know when an item of your emergency kit could save the day in a fashion emergency!

Clever Underwear

No matter what you are wearing on top, your underwear can make a big difference to how you look. The right bra and pants can create a smooth silhouette, while flesh-coloured underwear can look invisible under white clothing. Visible pant lines might be many women’s idea of a nightmare, but if you can’t stand a thong the great news is that big pants are back in fashion and the trend looks here to stay.

Basics That Fit

Everyone has basics in their closet, but not everyone has basics that fit perfectly. Whether we are talking about classic blue jeans or a plain white t shirt, finding the right basics that complement your body is one of the best fashion investments you can make.

One basic that should be in everyone’s wardrobe is a classic everyday dress. Maxi dresses look great on everyone. For example, a maxi dress from an online store such as can be a good way to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Fancy Footwear

Colourful shoes can lift a regular outfit into something special. Whether they are flats or heels, a bright colour can work wonders for your look and your mood. Bright blue or bright pink ballet shoes can make a regular jeans and t-shirt combination look amazing.