If you read our guide to five things to know about buying a TV but still need more information, read these five more things you need to know about buying a TV.

5 More Things to Know About Buying a TV

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LED LCD and OLED Explained

These acronyms may sound like gobbledygook for the average television buyer, but it’s worth understanding them. Most televisions use LCD (liquid crystal display) technology and are LED LCDs that use LEDs (light emitting diodes) to light up the LCD screen. Only those with high budgets will choose a OLED (organic light emitting diode), which offers an amazing picture but is very expensive.

Extended Warranties

The great divider of purchasers today: to buy an extended warranty or not. Generally, experts are now saying don’t bother. Your TV will come with a manufacturer’s warranty that is typically around a year anyway, and LCD televisions are so robust that problems rarely occur – plus you are protected by basic consumer rights.

Audio Options

With all that modern televisions offer, one area that lets them down is sound. There are three options to improve the sound on your TV. Firstly, the impractical one of always watching with headphones; secondly, surround sound, which can be installed after you get your Worcester TV aerial installation carried out by http://steveunettaerials.co.uk/services/satellite-repair-installation-worcester/; the most sensible plan, however, is to buy a soundbar, which is easy to set up and offers great sound.

To Curve or Not to Curve?

Curved screens are very much aimed at the high-end buyer – typically someone already buying an HD4K large-screen TV. Many say, however, that they offer no advantage over a typical flat screen, and they’re awkward to mount or place in a corner, reduce uniform brightness and actually offer less visibility to a full room of people.

Smart TVs Are a Smart Choice

A few years ago buyers would actively make a decision to buy a smart TV; these days most new television are smart TVs, so you don’t really need to decide whether or not you need one. Smart TVs make life easier on so many levels. Being ‘smart’, they are connected to the web, which allows you to browse the internet and stream television. Apps such as Netflix or Amazon will already be included. There’s no reason today not to buy a smart TV.