To keep your car running smoothly and efficiently, you need to complete regular maintenance on your engine. This is the heart of your car and it is important to give it proper care.

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There are a number of belts in your engine that run different components; in doing so, they get a lot of wear and tear. It is therefore necessary to regularly check your belts and replace them when required. If a belt breaks while you are driving, it can cause a lot of damage to your engine. Sometimes the belt will make a squealing noise if it needs adjusting; if cracks appear, you need to replace the belt immediately.


Warning lights in your car are there to notify you that there is a problem, so don’t ignore them. Connect to a diagnostic machine and find the source of the problem before it gets worse. It might not be serious but could get worse if the issue is not investigated.


Your fuel filter is designed to prevent any sediment or unwanted particles entering your engine. It is therefore wise to change it every two years, depending on your mileage. If unsure, get a mechanic to do a fuel pressure test to determine how well your filter is working.

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Spark plugs and wires

The function of the spark plug is to ignite the fuel, with the wires that run from the distributor carrying the electrical current the plugs need. They need replacing every 30,000 miles; otherwise, your engine will sound rough. When changing your spark plugs, remember to also change the wires, as this will ensure a good current gets through to the plugs. Your engine will fire consistently, and your fuel economy will be maintained. You can by Mountfield spares from stockists such as


Driving at a constant speed will help your engine to deliver optimal performance and maintain good fuel economy. Car engines do not like continually stopping and starting, as this wears down the engine. Try to keep your speed consistent and your engine will last longer.

If you want your car engine to last a long time, it is sensible to do these checks on a regular basis. This will prevent larger problems materialising and give you years of happy motoring.