It can happen to the best of us – you slam the door shut, only to realise that your keys are sitting pretty on your kitchen table and you are on the wrong side of the door. Perhaps you have simply mislaid your keys; worse still, perhaps your bag has been stolen with your keys inside. Whatever the case, you will need to get through your house or car door sooner rather than later and here are five methods for you to try.

5 possible methods to get back in through your locked door

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Run your hands through your hair.

If you are fortunate enough to get locked out when wearing your hair in an up-do, the hairpins – known across the pond as bobby pins – can be transformed into a handy lock pick. If you don’t have hairpins to hand, there are a few other everyday objects that can be bent into shape and repurposed for the same use.

Swipe your card.

Credit cards are not just useful for paying locksmiths, as sliding a plastic card between the door and the doorframe is a low-tech way of opening a locked door. If this method works for you, however, you definitely need to get better security for your property.

Get into your car with a hanger

Modern cars have extremely sophisticated locks, meaning that getting into them without a key is beyond the abilities of most people. For older vehicles, however, a cheap wire hanger from your dry cleaner can be used to manipulate the mechanism inside the door panel.

The shoelace method

If your car door is one of those with a pull up/push down lock, you may be able to literally open the door on a shoestring! Simply make a loop in the lace and slip it into the door around the lock, tighten and pull. Simple? It might seem so, but this method does require a decent level of patience.

Call a locksmith

This is obviously the most sensible option. Finding a locksmith in Belfast is as simple of picking up your phone and calling for a professional locksmith from a reputable company such as to make the problem disappear.

Whatever method you use to regain entry to your property or car, remember to get any damage repaired by a qualified professional as soon as you can.