With energy costs on the increase, we’re all looking for ways to keep our bills down. Here are some tips on how to do that simply and easily.

7 easy ways to better insulate your home

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Radiators give out heat on both sides, so a lot of the warmth is going into your external walls. You can prevent this by putting something reflective, even tin foil, between the wall and the radiator to bounce the heat back into the room.

Thick Curtains

Drawing the curtains doesn’t just stop the draughts from getting in, it also stops the warmth from leaking out of your room and towards the chill of the window pane. Invest in thick, lined curtains for winter and consider one for your front door, too.


Double glazing is the best way to keep your room warm, but if you don’t have the budget to replace windows you could look at putting a second layer in to convert your existing windows. Speak to a reliable firm like Gloucester double glazing company Firmfix.

Let the Sunshine in

During the day, open your curtains to make the most of the (free) natural warmth from the sun. The sun can now be used to heat your water, so take advantage of that warmth to heat inside your home.

7 easy ways to better insulate your home2

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If you have a chimney in a fire that doesn’t get used, block it up to stop the heat escaping. You can buy chimney balloons which are put just out of sight and inflated to close any gaps. If you want to use the chimney in the future you can just deflate it.


Look out for small sources of heat loss, also known as mini-draughts. We’re talking about a cracked window or the letter box. Block the gaps and enjoy a temperature boost.

Draught Excluders

If you have fond memories of sausage dog draught excluders then you’ll know this can be an attractive and fun way to keep the warmth inside your house for a little longer. If you don’t, then just try stuffing a pair of tights with old clothes and popping it at the base of a door to see how effective it can be.

We have more tips for you coming up! Rest assured if you want to lower your bills, there will be something on our list you can do to help.