Quad bikes can provide off-road fun for people of all ages, or act as a powerful and practical tool for a variety of organisations.

A Guide to Buying Used Quad Bikes

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The good news is that if you want to buy a quad bike, opting for an expensive brand new model is not the only option. You can buy used quad bikes of all shapes and sizes, and the following tips will help you pick the perfect second hand machine.

Brand and Model Options

There are many big name manufacturers operating in the quad bike market, including the likes of Can-Am, Polaris, Honda and Yamaha. Choosing a reputable brand when buying a used model is sensible not just because it will ensure that the underlying build quality is solid, but will also make it easier to procure parts and get repairs when required.

In terms of the models available, there are bikes specifically designed for working, with onboard storage, tow bars and even integrated load beds. There are also leisure-focused quads, in addition to models built for racing and even child-sized bikes. Make your decision according to your intended use.

A Guide to Buying Used Quad Bikes2

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Test Drive and Examination

When working with a reputable used quad bike vendor such as http://www.allsparesatv.com/product/can-am-outlander-l-450/, a Can Am dealer in Ireland, you can be confident that the vehicle you are buying is in a good state of repair. For private sales, thorough scrutiny of a prospective purchase is vital.

Taking the ATV for a ride to ensure everything is working properly will give you peace of mind, but also be aware of other signs of wear and tear which could lead to additional costs for you further down the line. Check everything from the tyres and brakes to the suspension and bodywork for signs of problems or mistreatment.

Finally, make sure that you pinpoint the unique chassis number associated with any used quad bike, as if it is not present then you may be buying an ATV which has been stolen. Quad bike theft is unfortunately common, especially in rural areas.

Getting advice from experts when buying your first quad bike will help you avoid common pitfalls and find an ideal vehicle. You should also think about other costs that will be involved in ownership, such as servicing and maintaining the quad over time, so that there are no surprises on the horizon.