There are many banqueting suites across the UK designed to cater for large groups of people. Whether the event is a wedding, conference or other large gathering, these venues have been equipped to handle events of enormous proportions and are kitted out with everything necessary to make an event a success.

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Equipping a banqueting hall is no small task, with everyone from interior designers to food machinery auctioneers called upon to provide services and equipment to meet the needs of the establishment. The venues that can easily cope with large numbers have become incredibly popular and the standards set by some of the UK’s most prestigious suites are simply spectacular.

Ideal wedding venues

The Cavendish in London is one of the most professional, service-orientated venues and is renowned for hosting stunning Indian and Asian weddings with cover counts of more than 400. The Cavendish banqueting suite covers an area in excess of 8,000 square feet and boasts the state-of-the-art facilities required to host luxury wedding receptions.

The Coliseum Suite is another large London banqueting suite. It can cater for 1,000 guests at a time and its elegant bar overlooks the dressed venue, making it a sought-after option for couples looking to celebrate their wedding in style.

Conference and dining venues

The newly-opened InterContinental Hotel in Greenwich, London is home to what could easily be the largest banqueting suite in the UK. With the ability to host a sit-down dinner for almost 3,000 guests, this venue has combined quality with quantity with incredible results.

Brokers or auctioneers are often called upon when equipping such large banqueting halls, with specialists food machinery auctioneers able to assist in fulfilling a banqueting suite’s requirements at a competitive cost. You could however buy used plant machinery to equip your business with what it needs as this will save you money and time. If you are searching for something out of the ordinary to provide a focal point, you should be prepared to shell out more to secure the winning bid.

Another fine example of how diverse a banqueting suite can be is Oasis in London. This is a well-equipped venue that can easily cater for 80 or 800. Oasis has been host to international conferences, sit-down awards dinners and other special events, with venues such as this likely to have made use of the services of auctioneers to meet the requirements of their guests.