If you’re a fan of Vintage Furniture, then there is one place you should go. You should get your National Trust membership card and get along to Dyrham park where you will see a load of examples up close. You can be sure that the original owners of this house had contact a company like High Net Worth Insurance Gloucestershire business https://johnmorganpartnership.co.uk/ to make sure all their beautiful items were covered.

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Dyrham Park is one of the best National Trust site to visit for many reasons. Firstly, compared with other sites, its just off Junction 18 on the M4 so it’s easy to get to. Many NT sites are stuck out in the middle of nowhere and you find yourself navigating down a lot of tight country roads that will defy the Sat Nav. No problems like that here. Off at 18 and onto the south bound A46 will bring you right into it. There are also the good old Brown signs too.

When you get to the Park it’s a fair old walk down to the house. You could take the bus provided but to be honest a good stretch of the legs is part of the experience of visiting a site owned by the NT. The first thing you’ll notice is the large land mass as you walk down. It’s an Iron Age hill fort but as the name Dyrham means Deer enclosure in old English you can see what it’s being used for now. There are still plenty of Fallow deer about but you’re not here for that you’re here for the furniture. What’s in the grand old house?

As is the way with these things the owners collected much form there travels abroad or what was sent back to them as gifts. Many of the things we shall look at is included in the website above. First off is a beautiful Tea table made in Java around 1670 to 1699. It has scalloped sides to keep the cups from rolling off. The Oak, Iron and glass Bookcase thought to be made around 1695 is quite the most incredible piece. Only learned books belong in it. I’m afraid that you can’t open it up and have a look inside.

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Like a good Vase base. How about this beauty from the blue and white Delft ware collection? It stands at 1008 mm high so it’s a substantial bit of porcelain. It’s not just the standard stuff though, they even have a Commode chair which is probably one of the most ornate things you see for a place to park one’s posterior.  That’s just a few choice things. There is a multitude of Chest of drawers, cupboards, trunks, a Grand piano and Chinese room dividers. An amazing place and an amazing visit.