Installing security cameras, whether it is in a domestic or commercial setting, poses both advantages and disadvantages. From crime deterrents to the huge financial outlay, read on for why you may or may not want to invest in a security camera.

Advantages and disadvantages of using security cameras

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The advantages of using security cameras

The biggest advantage of installing either one security camera or a whole system of them is that they deter crime. Whether you are worrying about crime being committed on your own domestic property or at your business premises, a camera is known to be one of the most successful ways to deter crime.

In fact, you can even prevent crime as cameras allow you to monitor activity, showing suspicious behavior to you before anything even occurs. In the case of criminal activity, a camera will also provide you with the evidence you need for a prosecution. In fact, your security footage might even benefit someone else by providing evidence about a crime committed against their person.

Some cameras increase safety in other ways, including truck camera systems like those from, which improve visibility for truck drivers.

The disadvantages of using security cameras

Security cameras are considered to be an invasion of privacy. By installing a security camera system, you have become part of a world that increasingly monitors every citizen. Furthermore, when placed in workplaces, some members of staff might take issue with being filmed as it not only impinges on their privacy but assumes guilt on their part. This can have disastrous effects on morale.

Possibly the biggest disadvantage for most, however, is quite simply the cost. Installing even one security camera can be expensive, whilst installing many of them, along with monitors, can be a significant cost, as can the maintenance of the system. Another problem with cameras is that whilst they may deter crime, they cannot prevent it in action. Furthermore, criminals will always find ways to stay ahead of the technology by using black spots or hacking into your system.

As you can see, installing a camera can be a wise move that deters crime and provides evidence or simply a financial burden that creates a sense of mistrust amongst staff. You’ll really need to think about why you need one before you proceed.