Business owners are accustomed to following strict guidelines when it comes to looking after their staff’s welfare, but new research has shown that polluted air can contribute to their workers being less productive. Even though some would argue that air pollution in and around the workplace is largely out of their hands, some companies are investing in new measures to give their employees the best possible working environment. You can monitor the air quality in your work environment by using a Dust Monitor a company such as and you can then put some processes in place to address this where applicable.

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Companies investing in air filters

For some offices that are based in cities suffering from high levels of air pollution, air filters have become part of the furniture. Even though it is not yet certain that such devices completely remove harmful pollutants, business owners are keen to do all that they can in order to improve the productivity of their workforce. Nevertheless, companies cannot control the levels of air pollution that their workers face before or after work, so in some ways, the venture could be a waste of time and money.

How can employers improve the working environment?

Being considerate about employees’ welfare is a business owner’s duty. If you run an office and have concerns about the quality of air that your workers are breathing, there are systems in place to monitor the level of pollution in a given environment.

When it comes to productivity, companies based in significantly polluted cities, such as the capital, may find it hard to find a solution to the issue of air pollution as air filters may not come close to reducing the dangerous particulate matter. While there are no legal regulations in place pertaining to air cleanliness, it is important for them and others to take every precaution possible to make their employees feel that their health is valued.

Business owners might consider having quality furniture to make their workers feel comfortable and thus improve their productivity, or they could try setting up “chillout zones” where staff can take a few moments to relax to help them perform their jobs better.

With not only productivity rates on the line but also the matter of employees’ health at stake, business owners would do well to invest in drastic measures to make employees more comfortable at work.