If you love the adrenaline and roar of jets ripping through the blue sky then no doubt you’ve attended a few air shows in your time. The daring manoeuvres, lightning speeds and thunderous passes are all reasons why people flock to these events – they want to be wowed! You don’t have to be an aviation whizz or even know that much about aircraft to enjoy these events and here are some of the biggest and best:

Bournemouth Air Festival, Dorset

During the summer, what could be better than combining two great things together? Aircraft and a beach! This 4-day event attracts huge numbers of visitors every year and is the biggest free air show in the UK and Europe.  The show offers a huge variety of both vintage and modern aircraft, including a display by the Red Arrows of course. Other exciting things to see include naval displays on the water, acrobatic displays, wing walkers and plenty of beach fun too. With so many visitors, an event like this needs careful planning. For Event Medical Cover, visit Outdoor Medical Solutions.

Amazing Air Shows you won’t want to miss!

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Royal International Air Tattoo, RAF Fairford

If you want to attend an air show in the UK, then this is the largest military show of aircraft in the world. It takes place at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire on the third weekend of every July. Over the course of the 3-day event, more than 150,000 people from all over the globe descend on this small village to see incredible displays from air forces around the world.

Reno Air Races, Nevada

The exciting thing about this event is that aircraft do actually race each other. Six different types of planes compete against each other in a race of between 3 and 8 miles long across the sky. This thrilling event is sure to get the adrenaline pumping for pilots and spectators alike. There are also the usual displays and acrobatic teams with Reno boasting an impressive amount of aircraft every year.

Amazing Air Shows you won’t want to miss23

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Miramar Air Show, California

This is the biggest air show in America and annually welcomes 700,000 visitors who come to see the displays. There is the chance to see both civilian and military planes, the iconic Blue Angels from the U.S Navy Seals and on the last night, a huge firework display to end on a bang! If you love air shows then this 3-day event should definitely be on your bucket list.

Sun N’ Fun, Florida

If you’re looking for an event that’s a little more laid back and family-friendly then this is the air show for you. This is one of the most popular shows in America and has been running for over forty years. The displays are less aggressive and feature many more vintage aircraft, while aviation business exhibits provide a more educational approach. There are also stunt teams and all the usual fun of the fair to keep every member of the family entertained for hours. Florida is known as the Sunshine State so it would be hard to think of a better place to stage an air show!