Launched back in 1988, Microsoft Office or Office Suite is a set of applications designed to allow users to easily carry out office tasks on a computer. Used by over one billion people worldwide, MS Office suite is the world’s most popular set of Office programs and it is still attracting new users every day, with people now able to use the modern updated Office 2019.

Microsoft’s stock market value topped $1 trillion or £774 billion earlier in 2019. MS Office is a major part of that success as in 2018, MS Office accounted for around 25% of Microsoft’s revenue. There are many Office applications, but we outline and introduce six of the most popular and most helpful Office applications below.

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1. Microsoft Office Word

The most widely used Office application in the world, MS Office Word is a word processing application that allows users to type documents and letters easily. The application is available for Windows and Mac OS. Documents can be saved, edited and printed.

2. Microsoft Outlook

This popular program is primarily an email application but Outlook also includes a task manager, calendar, contact address book and messenger as well as other add ons.

3. Microsoft Powerpoint

Powerpoint is a presentation application by Microsoft which allows users to design slides easily and creatively to produce professional and artistic presentations. Text, images, graphics and even videos can be added to slides.

4. Microsoft Excel

Microsoft’s spreadsheet application saw off strong competition to become the most widely recognised and arguably, the quintessential spreadsheet program for maintaining and balancing figures and accounts. PDF to Excel converters such as are available to allow users to easily convert PDF documents into Excel spreadsheets

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5. Microsft Access

A useful database management application, Microsoft’s Access program blends the Microsoft Jet Database Engine, a relational database management system, with software-development tools and a graphical user interface. The Access application allows users to input, store, edit and manipulate data and connect with other programs and applications to import or export.

6 Microsoft OneNote

This innovative application allows users to collect notes, audio, drawings and screenshots. Users can save their notes for their own reference (OneNote saves automatically after edits are made) or share them over a network or internet with other users of OneNote.