You may think that there is not much to think about when selecting an office chair. Maybe the colour and whether or not you need arm rests if probably as far as you have pondered this problem. For furniture that workers spend hours each day sitting on, it is important to get the right seat. There are different types of seats and in case you are not sure, let’s see what the differences are.

Conference chairs offer a relaxed position, so for long meetings or workers who spend a long time seated at a desk, these might be a good idea. During meetings, people will sit down and want to think and speak, they do not find want to find themselves restless and conference chairs have been designed for the most comfortable sitting position. They are not particularly mobile though and not fully adjustable.

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Ergonomic chairs are specifically designed to be good for your back, neck and shoulders. They are great to sit on for a long time and those who suffer with back pain will benefit from the adjustable armrests, headrests and seat height to find the perfect posture position. For a range of Office Furniture Gloucester, visit

Executive chairs can rotate in any direction on casters and wheels and have a high backrest. They are thicker and generally made from leather which often makes them a little more expensive than a standard office chair.

Mesh chairs are not padded but have a net-like fabric on the back support. They have a padded seat and are ideal for people who get hot easily as the mesh allows the back to breathe. Many people like the ventilation that this style of chair provides.

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Guest chairs are generally not mobile, flexible or customizable. They do not have anything special comfort wise because they are usually waiting area pieces of ​​furniture placed next to the reception. Stacking chairs are similar and come in various colours and designs, offering a fantastic way to save space such as in a cafe.

Task chairs are most commonly found in the office. With a basic design, wheels for mobility and a swivel capacity, they feel comfortable and reasonably priced. Also referred to as the Operator style chair, they are designed for any type of work and their ergonomic design supports upright posture for those who work at a computer all day.

As you can see there are plenty of options available and the most important thing to decide is what style of chair would suit your work style best. Correct posture is the key for office work and a good chair should support you in this regard.