When you think of a stylish bathroom, you most likely imagine gleaming white suites and sparkling silver taps. You’re probably not picturing black in a bathroom. However, it’s surprisingly easy to incorporate black into a stylish, modern bathroom. It’s an incredibly glamourous colour to include in your décor and here’s how to do it:

Using darker shades and black in a bathroom doesn’t have to look like you’ve decorated it for Halloween. The secret is to use it sparingly and team it up with complimentary colours and accessories. The bathroom is a highly used room in the house, a place for ultimate escapism and relaxation. Therefore, it deserves to be a pleasurable space.

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Using Matt Black

This is one of the top trends currently and looks both sophisticated and highly practical. You can get tap fittings and shower heads in matt black, with no more need to polish chrome! It works well when teamed up white units, providing a contemporary and elegant look. Dark grey tiling or wall colouring also works well when mixed with matt black and white. For Bathroom Furniture Northern Ireland, visit https://bathline-bathrooms.com  

Black Walls

If you think that black walls would be far too overbearing in a bathroom, you’ll find that it can look amazing if applied with contrasting colours and textures and clever lighting. Choosing gloss tiles is a great way to reflect light back into the room, as well as using mirrors which will open up a room that might otherwise appear smaller due to darker toned walls.

When choosing black walls, don’t overdo it and remember to pair with white furniture and an accent colour, like grey or red for example. This way you end up with a room that looks elegant and not claustrophobic.

Black and Metallic

Black works great with materials like copper, gold, chrome and silver. Pairing the two together creates a luxurious, high-end feel with rich metallic fittings like you’d find in a boutique hotel. Consider installing brushed stainless steel or brass with black glass and a black bath tub.

Black and White

Black and white are beautiful and absolute colours that offer timeless glamour. If you don’t want to overdo the theme, then why not choose a monochrome scheme for the room but add a touch of black with some fun black and white floor tiling patterns.

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Black and Colours

If you don’t fancy a black and white décor, black is an ideal colour to pair up with a bright accent colour instead. This takes an elegant style idea and adds an injection of fun colour and a playful twist. It’s easy to swap the colour when you feel like a change, by changing the accessories and towels for example.

Black and Natural

Black really is so versatile, it can be paired with almost anything and that includes natural woods. This gives a modern and softer twist on the monochrome style. If you’re worried about the bathroom looking too stark, wood floor tiles and furniture offer a softer atmosphere when used with black and white.