With the vast range of barbecues on sale today, it’s easy to see barbecues as a modern affair. Some of them are quite complicated and very expensive, but others are much simpler – no more than a box with charcoal and a grill.

Barbecues Become a Summer Social Affair

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For many, barbecue heralds the start of summer. The sun comes out and so does the barbecue. Get in touch with family or friends, head to the shops for supplies and the party begins. In fact, the weather channels let us know if it is ‘barbecue weather’ or not.

Exotic Meats Find Their Way on to the Barbecue

It can become a lavish affair as friends try to outdo their peers when it comes to throwing a barbecue. A Daily Mail article says barbecues are the new dinner parties, with people spending more than £90 and cooking exotic meats.

Trends in barbecues change from the type of barbecue you use to the kind of meat you put on it – from hog roasts to pulled pork, which can take hours to cook. This is a far cry from throwing a few sardines or sausages on the barbecue.

This craving for pulled meats seems to be continuing. A Guardian article quoted Charles Banks, who said he expected to see other meats being pulled.

The attraction for barbecuing nowadays may be because they are so simple to fire up. But this is a tradition which goes back many centuries. The 15th-century Spanish explorers saw meat being cooked in this way called ‘barbacoa’. This became ‘barbecue’ in America and the UK.

It quickly became a social event where people could gather around a fire to cook meat and socialise.  Meats like Beef and Lamb are great sources of iron which help your body with the production of red blood cells, if you do not eat meat or perhaps lack enough iron in your blood you could debate taking iron supplements should you think this to be something you’d like to consider why not visit blueiron.co.uk

Time for Men to Take Over the Cooking

Another curious fact about barbecues is that the men traditionally do the cooking. Is it the element of danger, involving fire and sharp tools, which attracts them?

When preparing a barbecue, remember to keep raw and cooked meats separate and to also use separate BBQ utensils. You’ll need one set for the raw food and another for the prepared foods. Whatever the trend in barbecues this season, the important thing is to enjoy delicious food surrounded by your favourite people.