If you’re looking to revamp your bedroom to turn it into a relaxing retreat, you might be thinking of a new bed. The bed acts as the focal point to a bedroom, so it’s important to choose the right type for your style and comfort. Here are some of the different types of bed available:

Headboard with Basic Frame

You can buy these as one single unit but most often they come separately. You can buy a frame as basic as you need and pair it with any headboard of your choice. A basic frame will not have any rails or a foot to the bed. This is a popular option as it’s economical and highly flexible. Headboards are available in a free-standing, bed-frame mounted or wall-mounted variety.

Headboard with Side Rails/Footboard

Beds are also available with a focal headboard and rails on the other 3 sides. Most varieties come with an upholstered headboard with rails that match, but can also be found in wood. Aesthetically pleasing, the matching rails offer a cohesive and modern look. For Bed shops Gloucester, visit https://www.gloucestersofasandbeds.co.uk/sofas/

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You can also combine a headboard with a frame that has a footboard too with many different materials available. The style and fabric of the headboard is matched by the footboard, with the headboard normally being the taller of the two.


Many people choose a platform bed due to the clean lines it offers. It sits lower to the ground, with a solid base or intricate and delicate legs. This style is most often found offered in attractive natural woods.


This is a distinctive style of bed with an arched headboard and optional arch shaped footboard, looking like an old-fashioned sleigh. Ideally for a bigger bedroom as sleigh beds are substantial and take up more floor space. More modern varieties do offer a more streamlined design.

Four Poster

These romantic beds are a style that date back to the 16th century. Their distinctive look is characterised by four posts rising up from each corner. They can include a headboard but typically, no footboard. They are normally quite decorative in design, with elaborate detailing, carvings and/or finials on top of the posts.

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Similar to the four-poster bed, a canopy bed has four posts but with beams running across to connect the posts. This is then fitted with a fabric canopy that can be tied back or closed for privacy. This design works best in a larger bedroom with a high ceiling.

Bunk Bed

Many children have grown up sharing a room and sleeping in bunk beds. They are the perfect solution to space-saving and a fun favourite with kids of all ages. They are available in different set-ups including the standard two stacked beds, a loft variety with one bed raised with a workspace underneath, a bunk bed with a trundle bed to pull-out underneath and a loft bed with futon underneath.