If you’ve been contemplating learning a musical instrument or returning to one you used to learn, then here are some compelling reasons for you to get straight on it:

  1. It can make your smarter

There are countless studies that show a solid connection between receiving musical training and success achieved in academic endeavours. This applies to both children and adults. It’s down to the stimulation the brain receives when playing an instrument and this also helps to improve memory and reasoning abilities, particularly useful in subjects like science and maths.

  1. It can alleviate stress

Music has a wonderful calming effect and can lower your heart rate, blood pressure and soothes emotions. The best type of music for this is classical music which has an amazing relaxing effect on the body. By lowering our heart rate and blood pressure, our levels of stress hormones decline, and we experience better calmness. For all your guitar needs, try Gloucester Guitar shops like https://www.guitarsmiths.co.uk/

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  1. It can improve your social life

Getting involved in playing an instrument can open many opportunities for expanding your social circle. If you join an orchestra or group, you’ll be building relationships with other musicians, possibly performing in public and even travelling. Playing an instrument with others helps to develop team skills, leadership skills and a shared sense of achievement from working with others.

  1. Gain a sense of accomplishment

Mastering an instrument takes many years, a lot of effort and real commitment. With this though comes a huge sense of accomplishment, especially when you nail something you’ve struggled with. Playing an instrument gives you a sense of achievement

  1. Increase your confidence

Playing music allows you to express yourself and this becomes more prominent as you gain more experience. A child learning an instrument might perform in front of parents, teachers and other children before branching out into concerts etc. The more you learn, the more likely you are to gain confidence when it comes to performing in front of audiences.

  1. Improve your patience

Learning an instrument is hard work and takes time, there’s no doubt about that. However, the skills you learn are worth every moment of frustration, annoyance and practice time commitments you’ve gone through.

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  1. Get a better memory

Research has established clear links between learning an instrument and better spatial reasoning, verbal memory and literacy abilities. When you play an instrument, you use both sides of your brain and this is what boosts that all-important memory power.

  1. Boosts creativity

When you spend time practising your craft and perfecting a certain piece of music, this works wonders for the creative part of your brain. A sheet of music is information but is nothing until someone puts their creative stamp on it. Every performance requires expression, interpretation and presentation and that’s pure creativity in action.