So, the cold, windy winter weather has settled and nobody wants to be constantly fretting about the state of the boiler and if it’s about to kick the bucket! It is not difficult in our busy lifestyles to overlook those things that must be getting regular checks and maintenance. It is important, however, to devote a bit of time to making sure everything is working properly, or you could find yourself stuck in the cold when you need your boiler the most. Here are some signs your boiler may need some TLC:


Most boilers should last about fifteen years but with regular maintenance, they can last much longer than that. If your boiler is more than fifteen years old, then it’s definitely time to consider a new one. Many of the current efficiency benefits are not available for older models.

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If you notice that it takes ages for your boiler to heat up, this is a strong indication that a repair or replacement may be necessary. A new, modern boiler will heat up almost immediately, giving warmth to your home and hot water to the taps as soon as you need it. A boiler that takes too long to do this has passed its best and does not provide you with good energy efficiency.

A rating lower than ‘A’

When buying a new boiler at this time, it will come with an energy efficiency rating. Ratings range between A to G. A ‘G’ indicates an efficiency of less than 70% and ‘A’ has an efficiency of more than 90%. Upgrade to a boiler with a higher rating can result in savings of several hundreds of pounds per year. For an Essex Boiler Service, visit a site like

Frequent repairs

When you need to attend to your boiler more frequently, it may be time for a new one. If you reset or adjust the pressure regularly and find repair costs increasing, then investing in a new boiler can save you money and hassle in the long run. A more serious problem that requires an engineer to be called out is a further sign that the boiler be a costly drain on your finances and should be replaced.

Feeling chilly

If the house just does not feel as warm as it should or you see the cost of your energy bills rising, it could mean your boiler is not working as it should. If your home feels colder than it should be, you should call a registered gas engineer to come and find out what the problem is. If there is no problem with the radiator, then chances are your boiler needs maintenance or replacement.

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Things that go bump

When the boiler starts making a strange noise above the normal background hum, it’s definitely time to have it looked at. This can be caused by a number of issues or general wear and tear. Any odour being emitted or black marks visible around the boiler casing also need immediate investigation.