Botox is now in its 16th year in the UK. What many thought would be a five-minute wonder has stood the test of time. Entering the UK market in 2002, the quick and effective treatment is still as popular as ever. There are still some common misconceptions flying about, so here we aim to separate the fact from fiction:

  1. Botox is only for when you get wrinkles

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be older and have wrinkles to get Botox treatment. Many younger people are using preventative Botox, especially those who notice lines forming from squinting or frowning for example. Botox treatment is great for relaxing these muscles and thus preventing the lines turning into creases.

As Botox helps muscles to relax, it can be applied for a variety of uses such as migraine treatment and to prevent excessive sweating under the arms.

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  1. If you stop treatment, your wrinkles come back worse

This is not true. Having the injections is a non-permanent treatment lasting for a few months. If you were to not have another injection, all that would happen is your face would return to the way it was before but could not be worse!

  1. Botox is unsafe

You can rest assured that Botox has been rigorously and intensively tested, gaining approval by the Food & Drug Administrative back in 1989. Its official name does contain the word ‘toxin’ but the level administered in a cosmetic treatment is actually tiny. Millions of people have been using Botox for many years and it is perfectly safe when applied by a qualified professional in a clinic. For Botox Gloucester, visit

  1. Botox is just for women

So many men have started getting the treatment that the phrase ‘Brotox’ was coined. ‘Protox’ is another term that came into being due to the high number of professional males, like lawyers and politicians wanting to smooth out their face to look expressionless and unreadable.

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  1. Botox freezes your face

The images we see of celebrities with suspiciously frozen expressions are usually the result of many different treatments, not just Botox. The truth is that Botox does not freeze the face, your muscles are relaxed not stopped, so you’ll still be able to make expressions.

  1. The effect is permanent

Botox only lasts for between 3 & 5 months until the effects start to lessen. The Botox will dissolve and break-up under the skin, so top-up treatments can be administered after 12 weeks from the initial injections.

  1. The injections are painful

The feeling from the injection should only be a small pinch, as the needle is very fine. It will only take a few minutes and should be no more than slight discomfort for a few seconds.

  1. It’s addictive

Nothing inside Botox injections is physically addicted. The only possible thing people become addicted to is the buzz of feeling great and wanting to look younger. A good practitioner will never let you overdo it though.