When the time comes to scrap a vehicle or replace some old parts, chances are many parts of that vehicle can be recycled or reused. Broken windshields, oil filters, aluminium car rims, batteries and bumpers are just a few of the parts that don’t need to be tossed in landfill.

  1. Oil filters

Oil filters that are no longer required can be recycled and should be disposed of properly to adhere to legal regulations. Next time you need an oil change, consider a garage that recycle their oil filters or search for oil recycling near you if you change the oil in your car yourself.

  1. Auto Glass

A huge number of windscreens are replaced every year, and most of them end up in landfills. Although it used to be difficult to recycle these materials because the design featured glass sandwiched between two layers of plastic, technology has improved, and a lot of windshield replacement companies are now working with recycling companies to reduce waste. Reclamation of windscreen glass can be converted into building materials, insulation and bottles, for example.

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  1. Engines and Transmissions

Changing your car’s engine? There is a chance that is still has some life in it yet. Many mechanics can rebuild a damaged engine, providing an engine with a much lower carbon footprint. Repaired engines can be more efficient than they were when they were first built because of the availability of more advanced materials.

  1. Scrap Metal

Car parts such as handles, rims and any other scrap metal from written off or unusable vehicles can be sold at a scrap metal yard, where they will be melted to form a new life in some other form. For more information on a Scrap Yard Birmingham, visit a site like https://www.birminghamautobreak.com/

  1. Tyres

Used tyres create a huge amount of waste each year. Burning tyres generates considerable air pollution and a highly flammable, poisonous oily discharge. Consider taking tyres to a leading tyre dealer, local tyre collection or recycling facility so that they can be turned into something else for future use.

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  1. Plastics

Gas tanks, lamps, dashboards, bumpers and other plastic from the car can be separated from the other components and shredded for transformation into new products. One day, that plastic waste may even be used to fuel your future journeys.

  1. Belts

Belts and chains are one of the most important components under the car’s bonnet. If they are still in good condition, with no visual signs that it is time for replacement, they can be reclaimed from scrapped cars and used again.

  1. Rubber Hoses

Just like a garden hose, rubber hose from the car can be taken to many recycling centres for processing rather than throwing in the trash. Even ones that look like they might be past the point of no return can often be recycled as well.